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Spinner General Information

WORINTION is not just an investment company that helps its clients to make a profit from financial investments. primary objective is to develop and implement innovative strategies in combination with modern digital solutions and the usage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Company began its work in 2020. Well-known trade floor analysts and traders, as well as financial software developers, became founding members of the Company. Such an approach to investment strategies allows them to make investments with a guaranteed income of 20 to 100% of returns on invested assets. team has nearly 50 people. By the force of new analysts and software developers, more than 80 software tools and trading strategies were created. Such tools and strategies allow them to profit from fluctuations in the values of stocks, currencies, goods, indices, and crypto-assets. Currently, the main activities of WORINTION are: - Convertible currencies trading on the international FOREX market; - Purchase and sale of securities of international corporations on the stock exchange; - Transactions with commodities on commodity exchanges. The knowledge and experience, accumulated in the process of investment, enable them to broaden the scope of the company’s activities and to offer tools for investors that allow them to profit online from anywhere in the world. IT specialists have created a unique investment platform that allows making a profit from investments. Investments of their clients pay off within a month and continue to be profitable throughout the entire period of cooperation with them. Unlike the classic funds placing on deposit, online investing through the WORINTION platform makes a profit of up to 130% per month or more, depending on the chosen strategy and the amount of invested funds. The analytical unit of Worintion fund consists of 40 traders and 5 financial analysts who have enormous trading experience in the Forex market, the stock and commodity exchanges. Every month chooses the most volatile currency pairs, securities, and goods, makes purchase and sale transactions with them and makes a profit for Worintion clients. The usage of 5-7 different strategies with confirmation of signals, as well as the usage of machine learning algorithms allows them to complete 95% of transactions with a profit, which allows them to completely avoid possible losses resulting from the trading session. Trading is carried out using risk diversification schemes in order to provide additional security of the capital of their investors. Investing is made in different assets, and the size of the transaction does not exceed 2-5% of the amount of capital. Therefore, possible losses are completely overlapped by successful lots. On monthly results, the investor receives only profit. Each trader works within the allocated limits, but in special cases, these limits can be increased upon the decision of the head of the analytical unit. Therefore, if the market situation is favorable, large investors can make a profit per month in the amount that far exceeds the potential income from placing funds on bank deposits. High performance of specialists results from a number of additional factors: - The speed of receipt and analysis of external financial information from various sources; - Unique software that reduces almost to non-existence delays in placing orders on the market; - Instant analysis of the market situation with signals recognition; An automated system for medium- and long-term forecasting in order to understand global trends in asset price movements. Do you have disposable funds you want to invest profitably? offers convenient and safe tools for passive income generation. Do you want to become a successful investor? Get started with WORINTION.
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Hosting provider Hetzner Online GmbH
IP address
Registered date 2020-03-25
Expiring date 2021-03-25
Provider Sectigo Limited
Type Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA
EV (Extended Validation) No
Created date Mar 31 00:00:00 2020 GMT
Expiration date Mar 31 23:59:59 2021 GMT


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