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Frequently asked questions

What is AllStats?

AllStats is an aggregator site which gathers data from 300 RCB monitors. Our tools are designed to provide users with technical analysis on online investment programs. We provide statistics on Monitor Count, Monitor Investment, Average Monitor Investment, Monitor Details (Investment, Payout, Status, RCB) RCB Details (Total RCB Deposits, Daily RCB Deposits), Hosting, SSL, Script license, Design check, Program plans and many other statistics.

What is a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP)?

An HYIP is an investment program. Usually, HYIPs are entirely based on the internet. They use electronic means of payment which makes it easy to operate. Investors can deposit through various methods, and they receive interest payments on their deposits. Each HYIP has investment plans that pay daily, hourly, weekly, after term expiration and sometimes monthly. Interest payments can range from 0.5% to 10% daily which is 15% to 300% per month. Some programs may even pay higher returns - 200% to 1000% in a month. The minimum deposit is between $1 and $20, and sometimes $50. HYIPs claim they can create high returns from trading traditional markets such as forex, stocks, bonds, oil and gas futures and some pretend to do sports betting, arbitrage, cryptocurrency trading or bitcoin mining. There are also HYIPs which accept only payments through bitcoin. Such HYIPs are often called bitcoin HYIPs. The daily income can be enormous in comparison to traditional investment vehicles, which also brings more risk to the investors. Users should be careful in the management of their funds when investing in HYIPs.

How to minimize risk?

Join as early as possible, and do not join too late. However, defining what is early and what is late can be tricky. Check the stats of the program you want to join on our site and use the tools we provide on the details page of the program.
HYIPs are high risk. One of the ways to minimize risk is diversification. You should diversify your portfolio by investing in several HYIPs. Diversification helps you spread your risk over different programs.

What is Referral Commission Back (RCB)?

Monitors offer to pay back investors the referral commissions they earn. If you want to participate in an RCB offering, you should register under the referral link of a monitor. As their referral, they receive commissions for each of your deposits. You are entitled to receive money back. This offer is called RCB. The RCB is similar to registering under your referral link but using the help of a monitor, so the HYIP will not block your account. Some monitors also offer a bonus which multiplies the RCB offer. Some offers can go up to 500% of the referral commission.

Can you make money in HYIPs?

You can make money if you are careful and follow a risk-averse strategy. HYIPs always collapse because their models are unsustainable in the long term. Most programs will claim they trade with the invested money. However, such claims cannot be verified. Therefore, users should assume that HYIPs are pooling all deposits in one place and pay the promised interest from the same pool. As more investors join, the pool becomes bigger and thus can continue paying. There is a point when the pool will stop growing, and then the program closes with the money of the people who did not get out.

Golden rules

Do research and get informed about the HYIPs you want to join. Use to help you with analyzing the financial and technical health of programs. There are no refunds once you invest. Use our site to examine the programs' investment returns, total deposits, total monitors, investment in monitors, RCB offers and much more that can help you make better decisions.

  • Set your goals and know what you want to accomplish. Do you need the money you plan to invest and how fast do you need to create the returns? Set targets on your earnings.
  • Get in early so you can receive your returns and move on.
  • Do not use more than 5% of your capital in a single HYIP. Invest with moderation. Especially, do not invest more than you are prepared to lose. Be prepared to lose.
  • Always withdraw your earnings whenever you can. Do not get caught in compounding for too long. Only re-invest once you are in profit.
  • Always check our site for the latest statistics on programs. Check it daily.
  • Do not hesitate to contact us for anything related to HYIPs.